trumps-10The Systematic Tarot has been designed from the outset to be the ultimate “pick up and play” Tarot reading system.

The system comprises:

  • A 20-page step-by-step instruction booklet.
  • A 20-page complete card reference booklet.
  • A deck of 78 illustrated, colour-coded cards.
  • A convenient tuck-box to hold everything.

The Systematic Tarot is highly compatible with “classic” approaches to Tarot reading, but at the same time, it is:

  • Simple and straightforward.
  • Logical, and consistent.
  • Easily operated by new readers.

The deck’s novel approach combines the by now widely recognized imagery created by the artist Pamela Colman Smith, together with an innovative system of color coding, categories, keywords and card meanings – to provide an easy route into Tarot reading.

The cards are normal poker card size, rather than the usual over-sized Tarot format. Consequently, they are easy to handle, to shuffle, and to spread.

The memory aids built into the cards have been carefully designed to ensure that this easy-to-learn deck is ideal both for serious Tarot newcomers who want to get up and running really fast, and for casual readers just having fun with friends. Experienced readers may also be curious to explore this novel systematic approach.

The designer Peter Vodden spent many years as a senior analyst in information and data systems, and has applied his accumulated knowledge to create his unique Tarot reading system, complete with  a Tarot deck that is both visually appealing and supremely practical.